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Stay Fit While Traveling

There’s an added benefit to travel that many people don’t even think about. The simple act of traveling is a workout. It is easy to get 10,000 steps in without realizing it. It is also easy to build muscle strength.

Here’s 6 tips from my son, Jonathan Rupp, pilot and experienced traveler:

  1. If time and layout of the airport allows skip the trains/trams between terminals, don’t use the moving sidewalks. Simply walk at a brisk pace from one point to another.

  2. Take stairs or walk up the escalators instead of just standing on the escalator or taking an elevator.

  3. Carrying and lifting your baggage builds muscle strength.

  4. While waiting at your gate, hold onto the handle of your luggage and go up and down on your toes instead of just standing still. Then switch and alternate going up and down on each toe, rolling toe to heel.

  5. If you get to your gate early, don’t just sit in a chair. You’ll be sitting on the flight, walk around the area, browse through the nearby shops, take a lap around the area.

  6. When you’re on the plane, do ankle rolls and knee lifts in your seat.

And when you arrive at your destination, remember some of the best exploration and sightseeing is done walking around the city, taking strolls and hiking though parks, and taking swims in the pool or ocean. You may find you exercise more on vacation or during your travels than you do when you are at home trying to get to the gym.


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