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Michelle Serafini
Writer | Traveler | Speaker | Coastal Realtor


Welcome to A Note from the Coast. My love of travel, pursuit of adventures, and curiosity about people, places and cultures started in my teens and continues to this day. I have been journaling about my travels all my life.


With a career spanning from marketing and public relations to real estate and freelance journalism, I took a pause during the pandemic of 2020 and began blogging about all things travel, real estate and lifestyle. My stories, insider tips, and lens on the impact travel can make at any stage in one’s life continue to shape A Note from the Coast.


I publish stories that I hope will inspire you to expand the borders of your life and travel with confidence, curiosity, and a sense of wonder. I share real estate and lifestyle news to inspire and educate. 


I hope you come back and visit often. I would love to hear your take on the topics we cover. Most importantly, as part of this community, I hope you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to the site. 


So as Ibn Battuta said, “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” I hope you enjoy my stories!



"We travel not to escape life,
but for life not to escape us.”

Chile, French Polynesia, Sardinia, Argentina and anywhere in the Caribbean


Katherine Rupp, Contributor

All smiles and super creative, Katherine is a soccer aficionado and Anglophile. Her career spans the world of digital marketing, social media and writing. Her travels span the globe from Europe to Australia. A Note From The Coast benefits from her lens on food, culture and how travel shapes life.


Renee Palmer, Designer

Industrious and inquisitive, Renee is a photographer and design creative who has a passion for storytelling through photos, and anything food, wine, beer and travel related. A Note From The Coast benefits from her design skills and contribution to our travel stories.

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