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Cranberry Bogs, A Family Tradition

It’s Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude and giving.

A time to be thankful and embrace traditions.

One of my family’s traditions is cranberry bogs. Yes, cranberry bogs. As I was shopping for our Thanksgiving feast, albeit a small feast this year as I am only cooking for my husband and myself, I dropped a bag of fresh, organic cranberries into my cart and realized that I always make my cranberries.

You see that is one of my family’s traditions. No canned or already prepared cranberries for my family. No way. As a child my dad was a manufacturer’s rep. for advertising specialty products (today called swag) in the Midwest. What, you are wondering, does that have to do with cranberry bogs? Well, my dad repped a company that was located in Massachusetts and the owners of the company also owned cranberry bogs.

Like clockwork, a couple weeks before turkey day, a crate of fresh cranberries would be delivered to our front door. A crate! For those of you who may not be familiar with crates and cranberries, that means we had a boat load of cranberries. So, we had freshly cooked cranberries for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. My mom made cranberry nut bread, we gave cranberries to family and friends so they also could make their own freshly cooked cranberries for their holiday feasts.

Yup, tradition! And so it goes, now my kids expect fresh cranberries and ask me how to make them, even though their cranberries, like mine, now come from bags not crates.

As for being thankful. I am thankful and ever so grateful to each, and every one of you for being in my life! Have a Thanksgiving filled with traditions, gratitude, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream (oh, another one of my family’s traditions).




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