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My new book release, "Getaway Home" invites you to celebrate the beauty of adventure and the art of storytelling as you document your thoughts and experiences in this guided journal.

There are many travel journals that focus on towns, countries and regions of the world. Meanwhile, there are those who own or rent what they consider to be their getaway home. This journal focuses on those places — whether it be a beach cottage, a lake cabin, a ski chalet, a recreational vehicle or a yurt — where the simple to grand travel adventures happen.

I wrote this journal to help you remember experiences, share memories and document all the moments, big and small, that make your home away from home special. The prompts, quotes, photos and sayings within its pages will allow you to become a storyteller of adventures, a food critic, a travel writer and guide.

When I was asked what I want readers to take away from the book, I said, “We all have a story to tell, adventures to share and memories we would like passed down from generation to generation surrounding a place we call home in a location that isn't actually where we live full time. Just snapping a photo and putting it on social media isn't the same as taking it slow, collecting your thoughts and sharing and documenting your experiences.”

Getaway Home, your stories and adventures from your home away from home, will appeal to second and vacation homeowners, RV owners, campers, and those who like slow travel and stay in Airbnbs, B&Bs, inns and hostels. To purchase a copy of this travel journal, visit, Barnes & Noble, or Archway Publishing.

Order today, this makes a great gift!

About the Author

Michelle Serafini is passionate about the value of sharing stories and making memories. She is a travel and lifestyle writer, coastal real estate agent, and speaker. Travel has always been a driving force in Serafini’s life.

It began with her first overseas trip as a high school student to Bavaria, Germany, where she journaled each day during her stay. Her wanderlust has continued throughout her life and so has her journaling. Serafini has been writing professionally for over 30 years as a public relations professional, marketing executive, freelance writer and real estate agent. She was a contributing author for the book “Promotional Strategies for Design and Construction Firms,” a published freelance writer for lifestyle and travel publications, and a travel writer

and blogger on her travel site


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