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Life By The Coast...

I am fortunate to live just minutes to the Pacific Ocean, write and work with an ocean view from my home office and enjoy all the benefits of life by a coast. Sand between my toes, more sunny days than not, and salty ocean air are the norm for me. And yet, I love traveling to beach destinations around the world.

I didn't grow up by the beach, in fact, I grew up in the Midwest, and until I was an adult had only visited the ocean a couple of times. But I always dreamed of a life by the coast.

What makes life by an ocean, a sea or even a large lake so special? It's the water, water encourages creativity, resilience, and imagination. The breezes off the water allow a person to breathe deeply with clean, fresh air that invigorates and restores our senses.

In the Stays section of A Note From The Coast, I will be reporting and covering about all things real estate including communities, homes for sale, vacation rental opportunities and hotels. And as you might guess, most of the time there will be some form of water involved.


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