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Nesting is Often Used as a Metaphor for Home.

Michelle reveals how travel has influenced her idea of nesting at home.

Nesting is often used as a metaphor for settling down, buying a house, and accumulating all the accessories we assume will help us settle into our home.

Throughout my travels over the years, I have had the opportunity to not only travel to but also spend time in people’s homes in England, Mexico, Italy, France, New Zealand, and Spain. What I notice is that in other countries, people nest in their homes not by accumulating stuff to simply fill their abodes and garages (if they even have a garage) rather people live in what we, in the U.S., might consider to be modest or minimalistic homes in form and function. Yet, at the same time, their homes are designed for maximum comfort, responding to their individual needs and the specific climate and environment in which they live.

As a writer and a Realtor, I have had the great fortune to see, sell and write about properties big and small, old and new, and yes…dare I say cluttered or uncluttered. What has become crystal clear, is that homes that are cluttered and stuffed with objects are often the homes that provide the least amount of comfort.

When I have stayed in homes in other countries, most often the décor is minimal, the home clean and organized. It’s as if the owners have detached from material possessions and placed more importance on experiences rather than things. Staying in a more minimalistic environment provides a feeling of lightness and freedom, which can become addictive.

I have evolved my home into one where less if more. I love sense of freedom I feel from no longer being surrounded by piles of unnecessary items I never use and being less attached to possessions. This allows me to focus instead on people and experiences.

Travel brings many benefits, sometimes those benefits are expanding our understanding of how life can be lived. And in this example, how owning less can enhance your lifestyle. Resisting the temptation to accumulate just to fill space empowers us to nest in our homes with all the essentials we need minus the clutter, allowing experiences and people to create the memories that make a house a home.

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