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Not Booking Doesn't Mean Not Thinking!

South Island, New Zealand

We might not be booking trips, but that’s not to say we aren’t thinking about them.

My husband and I can’t help ourselves. Over the past twenty years together, we have hopped on airplanes or jumped in the car only to find ourselves on big and little adventures near and far.

The world is in the middle of a pandemic. We had to cancel our trip to England over Easter this year. Our plan was to travel and explore Chile at the end of the year.

We aren’t sure when travel will start again, but I can guarantee you, that I am still reading about Chile, gathering ideas from my friend whose family is from Chile, and researching towns and areas of that expansive country.

We have shifted our conversation about our trip to England to see our children who are living there from canceled to postponed.

If you love traveling, exploring new cultures, tasting new foods, and seeing landscapes you haven’t seen before, then this time is just an inconvenience. Nothing more.

I am enjoying looking at photos from past trips. My husband and I find ourselves talking about travels we’ve done and travels to come. And I am still planning, researching, and writing about travel. I hope you are too!


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