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Unexpected Vistas | Valle de Guadalupe

"The desert is like a powerful magnet, it changes those who come within its field. The vast expanses, the colors, and the serenity are magical and inspiring." - Michelle Serafini

When I am not writing or traveling, I am selling real estate. My team spent a day in Valle de Guadalupe just south of Rosarito, Mexico. We enjoyed breakfast and conversation with Doña Esthela, founder and owner of Cosina de Doña Esthela, sipping on Cafe Olla and sampling traditional Mexican breakfast fare.

We ventured on to wine tasting at Villa Montefiori, then relaxed at Encuentro Guadalupe overlooking the sweeping views of the valley. We ended our day at Fauna, Restaurante en Bruma.

Our day wasn’t about real estate, at least that is not how it started. It was supposed to be a day for us to connect, relax, and enjoy time together outside of the office.

But after all, I am also in the real estate business and I have a thing about architecture. I kept noticing the architecture. The lines of modern construction that stood in harmony with the open valley dotted with grape vines, with walk ways lined with lavender, and the use of local materials that infused the clean lines of the buildings with an organic, natural feel.

I took something with me that day. A knowledge that like the farm to table fare that nourished us, the organically grown grapes of the wines we sipped, the buildings that anchored the places we visited were also crafted. Crafted to enhance our experience and connect us to the land. A testament to the true meaning of form and function.


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