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Fancy a Spot of Tea?

My daughter, Katherine, and I love to travel. We even love to travel together. Growing up, my mother loved going to high tea, but she wasn't much into traveling.

She treated Katherine, her brother, and myself to their first Afternoon Tea when Katherine was only 3. I was a busy mom that day, keeping a 3 year old and her 6 year old brother calm and sitting at the Four Seasons in Chicago for Afternoon Tea with Grandma. Fast forward nearly three decades later, Katherine and I find ourselves enjoying Afternoon Tea in Edinburgh, Scotland. Whose idea? Katherine's.

She loves drinking tea, must have been that afternoon tea experience at 3...or maybe our partial Irish heritage...who knows...but there we were at The Balmoral Hotel in the heart of Edinburgh in October of 2019 enjoying a spot of tea and sampling an array of lovely tea sandwiches and tasty pastries.

What does having tea at the Balmoral Hotel have to do with having Afternoon Tea in Chicago? Even though my mother didn't like to travel, she liked traveling in her own city by visiting not only lovely places down the street from where she lived, but also experiencing traditions transplanted by cultures from across the ocean.

My daughter and I made a toast to my mom's memory as we took our first sip of tea that day in the Palm Court at the Balmoral in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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