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Sellers Have To Be In It To Win It In 2024

Dirty appliances, ugly rugs, and untamed shrubs: Those are among the eyesores that we real estate agents along with our colleagues who are professional organizers and stagers often see when sellers are getting ready to put their house on the market.

That’s not what buyers want to see. Buyers want a home that’s in great condition, orderly and clean. They want it light, bright, airy and spacious. Most importantly? They want it to be move-in ready.

Since today’s home search typically begins online, remember your property needs to shine in listing photos before prospective buyers ever step foot inside. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2023 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, all buyers surveyed used the internet to search for a home. Searches typically lasted 10 weeks with a median of seven home visits — four of them online-only.

From decluttering to tackling deferred maintenance, here’s how to put your best home forward.

1. Fix ‘under-the-hood’ issues: Been putting off larger house repairs such as leaky windows and worn roofing? Before putting your house on the market, you may want to assess whether such issues might deter buyers.

2. Spruce up your space: Often all you really need to do is fine tune, deep-clean and stage.  the Ultimately, get your house looking like its best self..

3. Up your curb appeal: When it comes to exterior upgrades, the experts agree that simple is best. Think a trimmed lawn, tidy bushes, sparkling windows, and power washing. And remember, wood chips and mulch can do wonders at little cost.

4. Declutter (for good): Selling means moving, which means it’s time to declutter and purge —You don’t want to have to go through the same room or the same drawer three times…do it once and be done.

5. Depersonalize: In listing photos and at open houses, you’ll want to tone down taste-specific or overly personal decor and design elements such as your prized Frisbee collection or lime-green accent wall — and be sure to stash Fido’s food bowls and personal effects such as toothbrushes out of sight. You don’t want to be easily categorized as the place with the ...the fish smell, the tchotchkes, the … fill in the blank.

6. Stage for success: Like depersonalization, staging involves arranging furniture and decor to appeal to buyers and showcase the property’s best attributes in order to up your final sale price or sell more quickly, which lowers carrying costs.

7. Don’t fear or be “insulted” by the experts: Though many projects are DIY-friendly, working with your agent, home stager and move specialist makes preparing your home for sale easier, it also expands your circle of support.

Let me, and my team of experts, help you. We are looking at your property as a product, an asset that needs to have the best positioning on the open market.

We are on your side, we are strategic, experienced, and practical. Selling a property is business and letting your emotions cloud your choices and decisions can hinder your results. I will be honest, candid and share my expertise to lay the path to your success.



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