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Exercising While Traveling

Recently I was traveling visiting family and friends and my sister gave me a great tip that I have now added to my travel exercise routine. My lower back was stiff, my shoulders tight and I felt like I needed to do some of my yoga stretches. The challenge, no yoga mat and I didn’t want to lay on the carpet in our hotel room. I mentioned it to her, and her solution was brilliant. Use a bath towel. It was the perfect solution, rectangular in shape like a yoga mat. I didn’t have to lay directly on the hotel flooring. I modified my daily at-home routine from its normal 30–45-minute yoga/stretching workout routine down to a 15 min. routine that I now literally do in any bedroom or hotel room while traveling.

Here’s my routine:

  • I start standing at the end of the bath towel like I would my yoga mat in the Mountain pose, then do neck stretches.

  • I move onto the Tree pose. Follow that by slowly bending over stretching down until my hand touches my toes. Then I start walking my hands forward until I am in the Downward Dog pose. Holding that pose and stretching the back of my legs.

  • I move into the Upward Facing Dog pose and hold. Then I go into a plank and holding for as long as I can. Then I go to all fours and do the Bird Dog pose, followed by doing 10 Cat stretches. Once those are done, I stretch back into Child pose, followed by sitting and doing the Butterfly pose.

  • I then go back to Downward Dog, walk my hands toward my legs and slowly roll up to standing.

This short but full routine can be done on a bath towel and is a great way to start and end your day. Namaste!


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