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A Man, His Daughter and Our Hats

I was never a hat woman. I have hats. I have worn hats, but never really felt I was a hat woman.

My dad was sort of a hat guy, but as he got older he always had a hat on his head. Dad was bald. Not bald like the men of today who often shave a good portion of their head to be totally bald. No, my dad was the bald on the top with a ring of gray hair type. For as long as I can remember, that was my dad, I really don’t have any memories of him with much if any hair on the top of his head. I have seen pictures, but he was thinning even in his mid-twenties.

He was an active guy, loved playing golf, walking, and traveling. Not the type to sit inside much. Funny how as we age life sometimes comes full circle.

No, I’m not bald but as a 60’s something woman, but there are so many traits that my dad and I share, and those traits only seem to become magnified as I age. I see it in my features, my laughter and humor, my longing to spend more time with my family, my passion for travel, and then there’s my hat.

In his 60’s my dad started having reoccurring spots of skin cancer on his head that had to be removed. So, he became a hat guy. Not a ball cap, not wide brim cowboy or safari type hat. He became a Panama Hat man; you know the shorter brim hats frequently seen worn by men in the tropics.

Today is Father’s Day, my dad has been gone from this world for 10 ½ years. Three years ago, my dermatologist diagnosed that I had a cancer spot on my head just like my dad had. A week later, the cancer was off and on went the hats. I love all things beach, sun, and outdoors, heck, I even drive a convertible. Need I say more, I am now a hat woman.


Hat Tips:

Just like applying sunscreen, a hat is important to wear. Many hats come with UV protection, I recommend finding one you like and getting it. Also, as stylish and popular baseball caps are, they don’t protect your ears. The same goes for visors, yes you don’t get hat hair and that is because your scalp isn't protected. I have a few hats; my favorite has UV protection and a has a drawstring…perfect for my convertible! The pictures below show a few of my friends...I guess we are all becoming hat women!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and remember…get the hat, bring it along on all your adventures, your dermatologist will thank you for it!


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