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Pro Tip | Citymapper

Sometimes the right thing to do when traveling is to just follow the cobblestones to where the smells of the freshly-baked croissants are wafting from the boulangeries. Sometimes the right thing to do when traveling is to wake up early and have your feet lead you to where you heard the water crashing on the beach, the only sound you heard as you arrived in the dark of night from your red-eye flight. Sometimes the right thing to do when traveling is to meander through the quaint town - or bustling city - to let your mind and heart wander to soak up the culture.

However, as great as those right things are to do when traveling… sometimes, the right thing to do is just get out your phone, click on the green app, and get to your destination as soon as possible. Citymapper, an app that is available via iPhone, Android, and on the web, is a useful tool to get you where you want to go, including real-time data of trains, subways, buses, bikes (e.g. bike shares like CitiBike in NYC and Divvy in Chicago), ferries, trams, and it has outward facing links to cabs (e.g. Uber and the like) and car shares such as ZipCar.

Currently there are 42 cities with which you can toggle back and forth between to use Citymapper, depending on where you’re at. Cities range from Chicago, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia in the United States (just to name a few) to Manchester, Birmingham, and London in England. Other European cities include Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vienna, and Rome and in South American and Asia examples of cities are Mexico City, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney are on the app.

So even though the leisurely strolls are necessary, so is getting somewhere on time with the help of apps such as Citymapper. Enjoy exploring!

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