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Pro Tip | Luggage Forward

I am a fan of carry-on luggage. One suitcase, one crossbody bag and off I go. However, I rarely travel on trips longer than two weeks and I don’t ski, golf, surf or participate in the type

of sports while traveling that would require me to lug large items.

Of course, you can always pack for those longer trips or sports excursions with check-in bags. Checking bags, especially if you are headed to one destination, for a longer stay works great. You can bring all the gear, equipment, and clothes you want more easily.

But what if you trip is a multi-leg, one month vacation. A friend of mine, pre-COVID-19, would take this type of trip every year for a month. She and her family when to Hawaii, then on to Alaska. She walked the Camino de Santiago then visited Madrid, and ended up in the Costa del Sol. You get the picture, different needs from clothes to footwear for completely different travel experiences.

Her solution…Luggage Forward. Her solution also became an invaluable resource for my family. Not for a vacation but for my daughter’s year long stay in England while she earned a Master’s degree. I was casually speaking with my friend lamenting that my daughter was trying to figure out how to get one year’s worth of attire that would accommodate four seasons to England. My friend’s answer…Luggage Forward.

Great solution, this service is flexible, affordable, allows you to skip long lines, bypass baggage claim and have peace of mind knowing your luggage is waiting for you at your destination.

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