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Pro Tip | Pack A Beach Towel

Love traveling to beach destinations? My husband and I do. For years we have hopped on a plane, sometimes on a whim, when we just felt like we needed a break. The appeal of lounging on a beach chair, reading a book while the warmth of the sun kisses your skin, and sipping on a cocktail while letting the waves lull you to sleep in the afternoon is a welcome break after a month or two of bad weather, too much work, and long stress filled days is often just what is needed to reset.

These are the types of getaways where you pack a couple swimsuits, flipflops, casual attire, sunscreen and not much else. You never pack a beach towel, much too bulky.

The challenge is on those beach escapes there is often the occasion to embark on a day excursion to a secluded beach, snorkel at a cove, or take a boat ride. The beach towel from the resort or hotel are bulky to carry around and when it’s time to head back, the towel is wet, heavy, and worst of all…sandy.

Finally, there is a solution... Tesalate. This Australian company manufactures a bespoke microfiber beach towel that is sand resistant, absorbent, rapid drying, and best of all compact and light weight. The towels are offered in an array of fabric designs and in two sizes- standard and oversized.

So, the next time you are ready to escape to the beach, grab your Tesalate beach towel. We do!

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